About Us

Cook the best curry you can

At The Spice Is Right, our philosophy is simple… we want you to cook the best curry you can. We have carefully created curry kits that mirror curries you are accustomed to in various restaurants. Each curry kit is specifically blended with the correct amount of spices to produce a truly authentic taste. Our take on these curries enable you to cook healthy, affordable and tasty curries every time.

Anyone can now become the ‘chef’


Award Winning Spices

Don’t take our word for it…. This is what the experts say

“Great looking tangle of well browned onion. Smells of warm, aromatic sweet spice. Crispy in all the right places”

“Full spectrum of aromatic spices on the tongue and a nice kick of chilli too”

“Really impressive and tasty bhajis with a punchy satisfying flavour”

    Guild of fine Foods, Great Taste Awards 2019


What is a Curry Kit?

A ‘Curry Kit’ is all spices you need to prepare a restaurant standard curry in the comfort of your own home. We have eliminated all the guess work and created a range of perfectly blended spices which produce excellent dishes every time. A combination of over twenty herbs and spices go into each curry kit, all of these are freshly ground and packed in foil at the height of their aroma ensuring you get the ‘freshest’ possible ingredients. All of our recipes are extremely simple to follow with step by step instructions and photographs. All of our range is specifically designed to be cooked at home using standard kitchen appliances and utensils. For example, even a Naan bread can be perfectly cooked under a standard grill. Your choice of meat/vegetables and our expertise will empower you to create ‘your favourite curry’ every time. All of our Curry Kits are suitable for vegetarians. There are many benefits of using our curry kits – not only will you save a fortune on restaurant bills, but more significantly you will be in control, your choice of quality meat, your choice of fresh ingredients.


Our Story


In 2004 as a student nurse Myo was frequently asked to share the recipes for some of the delicious meals he would bring into work. He would often take his friends to the local Asian shops to purchase all the different herbs and spices. The Eureka moment occurred when a friend asked why ‘can’t we buy just a simple pre mixture of spices, instead of purchasing 20 different ones’?  Having worked in Indian restaurants as a teenager and having the passion for cooking Myo decided to set up a small ebay shop selling pre mixed spices packs. This immediately took off and the rest is history. Today Myo and his partner Kay still work part time as nurses working in their local A&E department as well as managing the business.

All of the recipes and meal kits we produce can be used to follow both low fat or low carb diets, we are very passionate about promoting healthy eating. We have created video recipes for most of our meals, these can be found here.

We are also committed to giving back to the local community we live and work in, every month we support a different local charity, please contact us if you would like further information regarding this.


We operate from an 19th century converted mill based in a small village on the outskirts of Huddersfield called Linthwaite. Here we blend, pack and dispatch our products using hygienic and HACCP methods to ensure you receive the finest/freshest possible spices. We use only the finest ingredients which we either source locally or import directly. All of our products are foil packed the same day they are blended ensuring their optimum freshness. We offer an excellent customer service, if you are not getting the desired results we will happily offer advice by either email or over the phone.